I tried a Barre Class!

I’ve gone to a lot of group fitness classes before…but it’s been a long time. And I’ve certainly never tried a Barre class!!! I had such a great experience this weekend trying out Barre for the first time!

When I first got into healthy living and trying to lose weight, I found it easiest and most efficient for me to attend group classes. I used to attend classes at my school gym or I’d go to classes at LA Fitness. But currently, I am not a member of a gym. After I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I’ve stuck to riding my bike since it’s low impact. I have light weights at home; I tell myself I’ll do home workouts for strength but….I never do. I just can’t get the motivation to do strength stuff at home. But I neeeeeed to. Working on full-body fitness is so important.

I found this website called CourseHorse where you can search for and book classes local to your city. This is anything from professional courses, gardening courses, acting classes, and more. The wide array is amazing! They are currently still in beta mode for Atlanta and are adding more classes often, but I was still able to hunt down a ton of fitness classes in Atlanta.

I knew if I was going to sign up for a class, I wanted to try something new and out of my comfort zone. I saw things like spin classes and boot camps, but I’m used to things like that and really wanted to branch out. One class that caught my eye was Cardio Barre at the Body Bar Group Fitness Studio. I have neeeever tried barre. I honestly had no idea what to expect! When I search online, I see everything from ladies in ballet uniforms to people in shorts doing planks. I figured I’d take the leap and just find out in person.

The class was SO much fun! If you haven’t tried a barre class, you should!! When I showed up, I quickly realized shorts were a bad idea. Everyone else had on yoga pants (not ballet clothes at least ahah)…since a lot of what we did was a mix of core moves, yoga, and barre. My shorts could be revealing at times, but whatever. Now I know, ha. The instructor as well as the other people in the class were so nice and welcoming. We did circuits of moves like squats, pulse lunges, planks, and muscle-tightening moves like tricep kickback pulses. When you think of the phrase “sculpt and tone”…this is what those moves cater to. The bar part of the class was the hardest! It had me soo sore the next day and I’m honestly surprised I was challenged so much. We like….Stood on our tip toes, squatted down, and clenched a soft ball in between our thighs. Then pulsed. TALK ABOUT BURN. I never think my legs can get tired since I cycle so much, but this hit all the tiny muscles that don’t get used. I will be returning!

CourseHorse has so many unique classes for low drop-in prices that I want to try out. Pilates would be fun to try, and I am super interested in a glass blowing class I found on the site.

Have you ever done barre?! I will definitely be returning and hopefully getting back that strength I lost from my worst peak of fibromyalgia over a year ago! :D So happy I found it.

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