Top 10 Condiments

A while ago, some Instagram followers expressed interest in what sorts of condiments I use and prefer on my food. By ‘a while ago’ I mean like…3-4 months ago… Whoops. So this post is long overdue, my b. But I’m finally doing it!

OKAY so I have a reputation for being the sauce queen. I love to create my own mixtures from what’s already in the kitchen, and I have posted many on my site; my food cravings change hourly, and I hate repetition, so I love how unique you can make a sauce for whatever you’re feeling that day. When I’m lazy though and don’t feel like mixing things, I have some favorite bottled condiments.

1. Mustard. I just reeeeeally like mustard. I hated it as a kid but somewhere down the line, I fell in love with it. I like that there’s so many types to choose from and most don’t add sugar. I always have 7-8 ish different types in my fridge. Besides yellow mustard, my faves are mild and creamy dijon mustard and Jack Daniels’ old no. 7 mustard.

2. Salsa. Like mustard, there’s so many types to choose from! Easy to toss onto eggs, chicken, etc. Also great when mixed with greek yogurt.

3. Franks Red Hot. For a little spicy kick.

4. Sriracha. For a BIG spicy kick.

5. Walden Farms BBQ. Okay I like Walden Farms, so sue me. I don’t use it often, but I really do like their BBQ sauce. It’s zero calorie and the honey bbq flavor tastes great and NOT like chemicals (some Walden Farms stuff is atrocious)

6. Sugar Free Jam. I like to get the Smucker’s sugar free jams/jellies. I also like the Veggie Mama brand of all natural no sugar jams. Dey good and fruity. Also applicable to this category is sugar free breakfast syrup (basically like maple syrup except not).

7. Reduced Sugar Ketchup. I steered clear of ketchup for yearsssss. Then I saw a lovely friend use it a lot and somehow one day it appealed to me. There is now a reduced sugar ketchup that I buy and use maybe every other day. I likey.

8. Vinegars. They can really transform a flavor with minimal usage. My favorite is balsamic but I also use apple cider vinegar and red wine vinegar occasionally. Broccoli + ACV + red pepper flakes = out of this world.

9. Braggs Liquid Aminos. This is similar to soy sauce, tamari, and coconut aminos. I have never used tamari, but I prefer the flavor of Bragg’s over the other two. Like the vinegars, a little adds a ton of flavor.

10. Kimchi. Is this considered a condiment? I don’t know. But I like it and use it like one. It’s lightly spicy; the flavor is unique. If I don’t have kimchi, sauerkraut just doesn’t come close and leaves me missing kimchi :( Many people say they don’t like the smell…? But I don’t know why. Smells wonderful to me.



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