SweetLeaf Flavored Water Drops Review

IMG_8812[1]Hey guys!! I was contacted to review the new SweetLeaf Water Drops as well as the Organic Stevia packets. I was ECSTATIC to find out about the water drops. I always hated carbonated drinks because the bubbles really bother me, so I’ve always grown up a huge fan of water. BUT I do like to have a change of flavor every now and again!! It is nice to have a fruity change. I prefer zero calorie drinks, but that’s hard to find good ones. Most of them are just a huge collection of chemicals that really screw with my stomach. The citric acid really bothers me. I have tried Mio water drops and liked them initially, but I found over time that my stomach ALWAYS hurt so bad after that I regretted drinking it. Plus, the flavor leaves a very chemical-ly after taste in my mouth that I hate.

So when I heard about the SweetLeaf Stevia water drops, I was so happy. These are all natural and contain no artificial ingredients. The water drops are zero calories, sugar free, and gluten free. There are 4 flavor options: Peach Mango, Strawberry Kiwi, Raspberry Lemonade, and Lemon Lime. Here’s my review on each!


Peach Mango – My favorite!! Perfectly fruity. I like that when you add it to water, the water doesn’t change colors like Mio and other water drops do. The bright colors of Mio is off-putting. The stevia drops have such a natural appeal to it and I love that. The clear color makes it a little difficult to judge how much you’ve added to the water, so you have to add a little, taste it, and add more if needed. But I feel like a squeeze or two is just perfect, as opposed to Mio where you have to add soooo much to your water.

Strawberry Kiwi – Also very good! A nice fruity flavor I really like.

Raspberry Lemonade – I feel iffy about this. The lemon flavor is a little bitter so it’s hard to get a good balance of flavor in the water. Because of this, I don’t use much of this in my water, so it’s a more diluted flavor than the other flavors when I use it.

Lemon Lime – Similar to the raspberry lemonade, the citrus flavor is a little bitter for me. This is my least favorite of the 4 flavors since it’s so citrus-y. I don’t use this one often because of that.

So yeah I love love love these and really recommend them. It’s a good natural option for flavoring your drinks. Mio and other bottled flavored drinks are just so harsh on my stomach because of all the chemicals.

As for the Organic Stevia packets, I don’t really notice any difference in taste between these and the normal sweetleaf stevia packets! They’re both just great. I don’t have any preference of organic vs non organic so it doesn’t matter to me. I just love this brand in general because they don’t add any unnecessary stuff to their stevia when they extract it. It’s great and never bitter. I get their products on iherb.com or sweetleaf.com!

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  1. kaci cheesemanNo Gravatar says:

    Kim, thank you for the review! I am like you, I drink mostly water, but I like it flavored sometimes too. I wondered how the different flavors of these were. A while back, I went to order them, and they were out of stock. Good to know that they are available! Your post reminded me and I will be ordering them!
    I found natural stevia sweetened water flavors at Walmart (in the Walmart brand, of all things!) and they were surprisingly good, so I bet that the sweet leaf ones are even better! I am a loyal sweet drops user :)
    I had the same reaction with the natural water flavors that I tried… it was weird at first figuring out how to gauge the right amount, since they are clear, but I love that they don’t incorporate artificial dyes. It is crazy that with foods/beverages we even have a thought about the weirdness of NOT having something artificial! I am so glad companies like sweet leaf are willing to offer natural things for people.

    • KimNo Gravatar says:

      Yeah, same thing happened to me! I was so sad when I saw them go out of stock.

      Really?! Oh wow!! I need to look for those at Walmart.

  2. sarahNo Gravatar says:

    Wish they sold this here. I need something, any-thing , to curb my diet coke intake. Unlike you I can’t get enough of those (utterly delicious ) bubbles…diet coke owns me.

    Also, just wanted to say I look forward to reading about your future as you outlined on instagram . The part when you said ‘hopefully not boring’ cracked me up, haha like you could be boring<3. I've no doubt you'll smash all your goals & remain healed and healthy, and I'm excited to see as I love everything you post – not just the recipes and drool inducing stuff.

    • KimNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you so so much!!<3 :) So encouraging!!

      Ahhh where do you live? Hopefully it will be on iherb or something soon since iherb ships internationally for moderately cheap!

  3. sarahNo Gravatar says:

    I live in Scotland!…though I confess I mainly just commented to send my positive vibes your way ( as there is nooo hope in me giving up diet coke. Nope. Neva gonna happen).

    And also, you maybe didn’t win the rice cake challenge exactly. But you sure won the award for cutest freaking rice cake eater. For sure. I love your youtube channel :D.

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