I’ve always been fascinated by the uniqueness of people. If it was socially acceptable, I would sit and talk to every stranger just to learn about them. Where they’re from what they do what they like what their vices are what struggles they have, etc… Every nuance, quirk, and fact. Idk if it’s creepy but it’s really neat how special everyone is. There’s beauty in everyone. There is beauty and value in uniqueness. When you see rare goods in a store, those are always the most expensive. The most valued. People are comparable when you think about it. Legit nobody is the same and it blows my mind. It’s beautiful and should be embraced. Idk I feel like sharing the first things that come to mind about me unfiltered and perhaps you’d join because I’m a weirdo and would love to learn about you too so if you’re open to sharing, feel free!

So yeappp, here goes.

IMG_1324[1]I am Kimberly aka Kim aka pbeechie aka peachy beechie. I’m 22, and I graduated with a bachelor’s in biochemistry in ’13. I have my dream job in public health research at the Centers For Disease Control, but I will return to school for a PhD. I’ve dated my boyfriend for over 4 years; he’s my first love and only love and I’m beyond lucky. I have a huge obsession with giraffes; when we move into a new house in July, my boyfriend and I are going to have “the giraffe room” for me filled and decorated with all my giraffe things. I deal with severe misophonia, an extreme anxiety-inducing fear of sounds, and it disturbs me daily to where my work and relationships are affected. I’m impatient. I’m an introvert and can only handle social situations in small doses. I could spend my life happily watching documentaries, especially on the subjects of nutrition/obesity or murders/psychological disorders. Any sort of attention drawn to me gives me anxiety. Basically anything gives me anxiety lol… My heart aches that I can’t possibly be a crying shoulder for everyone; I’m like a mama bear and want to care for everyone. I talk too much. I’m nosy and like to go through people’s belongings to get a sense of who they are. I loved to drink until my dad was hospitalized for alcoholism; he quit and I followed suit. My parents divorced when I was 10. I can’t stand the cold and keep my apartment at 76ish F. Sometimes I get stuck standing in front of the hot oven, browsing IG for an hour and not realize I zoned out. I have a “lucky money jar” close to $300 now of every coin/dollar I’ve found since I was 5. I nervously pick at the skin on my arms and legs until they bleed without realizing it. I hate New Year’s Eve and have cried every year but one since I was 16. My sense of smell is ridiculously impeccable; don’t let me get near a candle or incense section.

I could ramble forever. But the point is, I used to think of traits as being good or bad. Good traits vs flaws to be concealed. But I don’t think that’s true; every single aspect is part of the larger, more complex, beautiful picture that makes a person who they are.

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  1. CharlieNo Gravatar says:

    Oh Kim you are one fabulously spunky and quirky lady!!! I have loved following your IG and your blog and seeing the amazing progress you have made in all aspects of your life. You inspire me to continually try and change my life for the better as I’m one of those girls who has fallen into a bad food and fitness relationship though I’m mentally and physically getting stronger through working hard to make positive changes and it’s so amazing to see someone like you showing that it can be done. All I can say us you go glen coco!!!

  2. WiciNo Gravatar says:

    It’s our imperfections that makes us perfect. Because we’re all unique and that’s what makes us all equally beautiful. :)

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