Quest Protein Powder Review & GIVEAWAY!

Guys. Quest Nutrition just released a brand new line of products – PROTEIN POWDER!

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this at first. I, like many other fans, would personally love to see a new flavor bar sometime soon! It’s been almost a year since the release of the last flavor (January 27, 2014!). Furthermore, I already have a protein powder brand I’ve loved as my favorite for over 2 years now (Cellucor!! :D)!! So, protein powder isn’t on my top list of things I’d love to explore.

Upon receiving the new protein power, though, I got pretty excited. I first noticed the ingredients. Ingredients: Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein), Natural Flavors. Contains less than 2% of the following: Cellulose Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, Stevia, Salt, Carrageenan, Sucralose. Did you catch that?! CASEIN! Casein is a thicker protein than whey, and it is slowly digested by the body. Sooo this means this protein powder texture is thiccck since there’s casein in addition to the whey. I love THICK protein -that’s why I love Cellucor so much because it’s the thickest purely whey protein there is. I don’t buy pure casein because it’s harsh on my stomach, but whey/casein blends I’m okay with!

So I tried the protein powder in yogurt first (my favorite way!) and was so pleased with the texture! I actually had to add water to get it to mix fully since it was so thick. This will be perfect for cake/cupcake icing!

In addition to the ingredients, the macros are great. Nutritional info for 1 scoop (28 g): 100 calories; 0 g fat, 3 g carbs, and 22 g protein. A lot of other protein brands have added carbs that reduce the amount of protein you get per scoop, but this ratio is fantastic!

Now to flavor. These come in 5 flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter, and unflavored (multi purpose mix). I have the vanilla, chocolate, and unflavored to review. I LOVE the vanilla! It’s light and sweet and just yes. The chocolate is okay. Chocolate is iffy with me, as I’ve always preferred vanilla > chocolate and I find chocolate protein powder is very hit/miss. I usually don’t like most. This is definitely good, although I’d like it sweeter a bit?… Keep in mind I’m a fanatic for sweets though. For most, this is probably perfect. The unflavored is as it’s title suggests. This opens the door for soo many different forms of baked protein foods!! Especially savory ie pizza, biscuits, rolls, crackers, etc! The first thing I made was cheddar protein crackers! and they came out amazing!! I am so eager to play with the unflavored one.

For the most part, these bake the same as normal whey protein does. It will be marginally different since it does contain casein that makes it thicker, but overall it can be used in any recipe that calls for whey protein! If anything, it will turn out even more moist than the original recipe due to the casein.

Soooo….YEP! That’s my quest protein powder review! I definitely give this my seal of approval and would recommend others try it!! I have a feeling I’m going to go through these canisters verrrry fast. Hopefully I will get to review the strawberry & peanut butter flavors in the near future too!

Edit: Peanut flavor is good!! I still prefer my peanut butter marshmallow cellucor protein better because it is sweeter. This more resembles peanut flour or pb2 if you are familiar with those. But it is very good nonetheless! Thickthickthick. I LOVE the strawberry one!! It smells a lot like the cellucor one at first whif, which is very very promising. The biggest difference in the flavor is that it’s got a hint of sour-ness to it! Think jolly rancher candy. Somewhat sweet, somewhat sour, but perfectly balanced. I looooove it!!

I also had a GIVEAWAY for all of my followers & blog readers!! The two winners chosen randomly are @hungrygirl325 and Danielle L.

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    • KimNo Gravatar says:

      Well. I’d group them as my two favorite, but they are very different in texture!! Since Quest is part casein, this is best in flavor for a thick casein powder. But Cellucor is pure whey so that’s my favorite whey protein :) If I had to rank them purely on flavor…I’d go with Cellucor. Sometimes if you have the quest one often, I get sick of it and get a little “off” flavor from it. But I never get sick of the cellucor one & it’s sweeter to me with no after-chemically taste.

  1. MikeNo Gravatar says:

    I am in total agreement on your review! I actually became a huge fan of Cellucor also because I tried the Cinamon Swirl and it taste just like horchata you get from your local taquieria… Well except without all the sugar and other bad ingredients. However, because I was such a fan of the protein bars already, I had to try the Quest Protein Powder. Just like yourself, I like that it is blend and is thick just with water, with almond milk it’s extra thick and actually needs to be watered down just a bit. Anyway, the first flavor I tried was Peanut Butter and it’s on point! I like it a lot and will not get tired of it, however just in case I do, I bought strawberry and vanilla. The strawberry is very good especially if you mix with a little bit of a chocolate protein as it taste similar to Neapolitan ice cream. The vanilla taste just like vanilla pudding to me which I have loved ever since I was a kid. In my mind you get a great tasting protein and it’s great that the sugars and carbs are extremely low especially for a good tasting protein

    • KimNo Gravatar says:

      Ahhh awesome to hear about the strawberry one! I need to try that. I’m glad we’re on the same page here! And whoaaaa horchata is the perfect explanation for cellucor! I couldn’t ever figure out why it was so good but yess.

  2. CherylNo Gravatar says:

    I am currently looking for the best protein powder that will help me loss weight & gain muscle. I have over 60 to lose, to calories are a huge factor for me and what I need. I am looking for something to use as a post workout/meal replacement. Would the Quest be a good option; or even the Cellucor that you spoke of? Thanks!!

  3. Ana RodriguezNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you sooo much for your reviews. I tried the quest chocolate and vanilla. I hate stevia :p( bleckkk), but I did like the vanilla.
    I’m planning on buying the cellucore pb marshmallow and cinnamon roll flavor due to your reviews on them. Before I purchase, can you please tell me if there is aftertaste with those flavors? I’m super sensitive to protein aftertaste…….if so, there’s nothing a banana won’t fix ;) so I’ll buy anyway! Lol.

    • KimNo Gravatar says:

      Oh okay!! Yeah I know what you mean about a slight aftertaste with it. I think cinnamon roll would be great for you. I don’t notice an aftertaste with pb marshmallow either, but I’m also not too sensitive to stevia since I love it. I’m pretty sure it’d be okay too, though. I knowwww cinnamon roll would be good for you!!

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