On A Quest

You really don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. I know that’s amazingly cliché but I never fully appreciated that phrase until I broke my foot over a week ago. In summary: it’s a jones fracture, which is pretty hard to heal due to lack of blood supply in that area. So even after 8 weeks in this fab  purple cast & crutches, I may need surgery + another 8 weeks. Everything has changed. Everything is a challenge & takes forever. Bathing is hard. Cooking his hard. Getting up my stairs is hard. And working out is an absolute no-go. I hate needing to ask others for help… I don’t get help. I help others. Help isn’t something I take well. I’m stubborn and find ways around it. But. Every day is exhausting and just going to work is a success. I so easily want to lay in bed all day and mope and self-pity…but I can’t. You can’t do that. Life keeps going and you have to adapt. I know #onaquest is Quest Nutrition’s motto tagline whatever, but I really feel like I have embraced & adopted this phrase in my own life. I am on a quest and I can’t just stop. From a broken foot? Nope. Still going. This is just another path on the way there. Yes, I am pretty jumbled up about the fact that I can’t workout…not only do I miss it but I am afraid of becoming “unfit.” I just envy everyone on IG posting their workouts D; BUT it is NOTHING I can’t get back again. I went the first 20 years of my life overweight lol, I can get fit once more with ease. That time will come again, I swear by it. Until then, I remain patient, grateful, driven, and #onaquest. I am focusing on my happiness, my business, my boyfriend, and healing to my best ability.

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