Oatmeal Appreciation – Oats 5 Ways!

When I first started to change my eating habits and commit to a healthy lifestyle, one of the changes I made was swapping my sugar-filled cereal with oatmeal! I would buy the lowest sugar pre-packaged instant oatmeal packets, but eventually transitioned to using raw old-fashioned oats to make my own oatmeal breakfasts. This ensured no added sugars! I became completely obsessed with oatmeal for a good 8-10 months – missing a morning without it was dreadful! Since then, I’ve experimented with soo many ways of preparing oatmeal and the possibilities are seriously never ending. Warm oats, overnight raw oats (in a jar!), egg white oats, savory oats, oatmeal parfaits, ahhh! My breakfasts have a lot more variety now, but man… A nice bowl of oatmeal always warms my heart in all the right ways. But mostly my stomach :p

I love that oatmeal has SO many benefits too!! First off, besides being extremely delicious and versatile, it is so CHEAP! A giant 42 oz canister of Quaker Oats is $3-4 with 30 servings… making each serving just $0.13. How awesome is that? Now, the health benefits are great too! Oatmeal is full of fiber; fiber helps keep you fuller longer throughout the day. This will help prevent any unnecessary snacking during the day. Also, this fiber helps decrease LDL a.k.a. the “bad cholesterol.” The fiber and “good carbs” in oatmeal will provide you with the energy you need throughout the day and also stabilize your blood sugar levels. Oatmeal contains antioxidants, it boosts  the immune system, and it has been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, and type 2 Diabetes. So basically. It’s awesome.

I wanted to create a little compilation of some of my oatmeal creations in the past. You can check out the base recipe for each type I’ve made by clicking on the name of it! Any additions to the base are listed below each picture.

Basic Oats


Topped with hemp seeds and almond milk


Cooked with blackberries and cardamom, topped with berries and sugar free syrup


Cooked with banana and blueberries, topped with more fruit, flax, and sugar free syrup


Cooked with apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg topped with caramelized apple


Cooked with cinnamon and nutmeg, topped with pecans, chia seeds, and cookie butter


Cooked/topped with dates, chia seeds, raisins, pecans, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cardamom, and a yogurt/maple cream


Topped with banana, sunflower seed butter, cinnamon, chia, and SF syrup.


Topped with banana, SF syrup, chia seeds, coconut butter


Cooked with SF syrup, raisins, and caramel extract, topped with macademia nuts and raisins.


Cooked with pear and apple, topped with more fruit, unsweetened coconut, almond butter, chia seeds, SF syrup


Cooked with unsweetened cocoa powder and caramel extract, topped with peach, kiwi, coconut butter, chia


Cooked with pumpkin, topped with banana, blueberries, sunflower seed butter, unsweetened coconut, slivered almonds, pomegranate


Topped with banana, sunflower seed butter, coconut, puffed wheat, cinnamon, SF syrup


Cooked in almond milk steeped with sugar cookie sleigh ride tea, topped with fresh figs, pecans, unsweetened coconut, and white chocolate wonderful pb


Cooked with pumpkin, topped with cranberries, raspberries, almond butter, walnuts


























































Egg White Oats



Cooked with lemon stevia, topped with raspberries and kashi berry crumble cereal


Cooked with sugar free syrup and cinnamon, topped with fresh figs and pistachios

photo (24)

Cooked with instant coffee granules, topped with banana, NuttZo nut butter, and hazelnuts

photo (18)

Cooked with orange stevia, topped with heated pear, cinnamon, unsweetened coconut, and sunflower seeds


Cooked with coconut extract and banana, topped with banana, coconut butter, coconut pb, hazelnuts, walnuts, goji berries

photo (22)

Cooked with unsweetened cocoa powder and coconut extract, topped with coconut butter, coconut pb, chia seeds, and pepitas

photo (20)

Cooked with lemon stevia and unsweetened coconut, topped with pistachios, more coconut, and a mix of peanut flour, stevia, and plain greek yogurt

photo (23)

Cooked with a baked sweet potato, unsweetened cocoa powder, and chocolate extract, stirred in chocolate whey protein, topped with a mix of vanilla whey protein, plain greek yogurt, and almond milk





































Oatmeal Parfaits


Layers of basic oats, plain greek yogurt, microwaved blueberries, topped with banana slices and kashi go lean cereal.


Layers of basic oats cooked with unsweetened coconut and coconut extract, banana, plain greek yogurt, papaya, and kashi go lean cereal


Layers of basic oats with vanilla whey protein, greek yogurt blended with blueberries, microwaved cranberries, and kashi go lean cereal


Layers of basic oats cooked with unsweetened cocoa powder, walden farms caramel syrup, avocado blended with mint stevia, and kashi go lean cereal

photo (19)

Layers of egg white oats with vanilla whey protein, walden farms chocolate syrup, unsweetened coconut, strawberries, and almond butter

photo (21)

Layers of egg white oats with strawberry whey protein, white chocolate wonderful pb, microwaved raspberries, sugar free blackberry jam, topped with almond butter and banana.


























Overnight Raw Oats



Oats, almond milk, plain greek yogurt, chia seeds, almond extract, sugar free syrup, and mango

photo (27)

Oats, peanut flour, chia seeds, hemp seeds, plain greek yogurt, ground flax, psyllium husk, blueberries, almond milk, topped with coconut pb

photo (29)

Oats, chia seeds, strawberry whey protein, almond milk, pineapple, topped with better’n peanut butter













Savory Oats



Cooked with chopped onion and spinach, topped with a runny egg and avocado


Cooked with yellow squash, spinach, egg whites, and turkey sausage, topped with avocado mashed with plain greek yogurt

photo (30)

Cooked with “riced” cauliflower, chopped orange bell pepper, sliced mushrooms, ground turkey, spinach, and mesquite seasoning.

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