My New Winter Glasses

Ever since I discovered, my glasses collection has quickly grown in size! I love glasses for versatility in expression and appearance, but I’ve always been the type of person to have a single pair of glasses and wear them to death for 5+ years since they’re so expensive!!! Discovering these affordable glasses online has been such a blessing!! So many of the glasses frames are $20-40 which is sooo reasonably priced. Not only that, but I notice they have sales all the time to take advantage of.

Although I’ve been given glasses directly from them to review before, I genuinely go back and buy glasses from them on multiple occasions. I really recommend this site for prescription glasses and sunglasses because of the ease of use of the website, the selection, the affordable cost, and the durability of the frames. Check out all the frames I’ve gotten from them! I can’t stop! (The purple frame is called Kimberley. The clear frame is called Alice Oval – Crystal. Bottom frame is called Ada Classic Wayframe – Brown/Golden)

I’ve gotten SO many compliments from strangers on the clear frames, so I definitely recommend them!! They’re very unique yet elegant. They’re probably my favorite, followed by my non-prescription black frames (I use those just for accessory ;p).

This time around, I wanted frames more on the academic side, but still fashionable. I think I found a happy medium between those two wants. They’re more “professional” than I expected, but nothing’s wrong with that!! What do you think? I like that the sheen of them changes in the light so sometimes they look black and sometimes they look copper/metal.

















I wish I was exaggerating, but I really love this site. A lot of sites require an up-to-date prescription, but as long as YOU know your prescription, you don’t need a doctor’s order at all. It makes it so easy and doesn’t overly complicate things like a lot of glasses websites do. offers the 50% discount code GSHOT50 for 50% off anything (as long as it isn’t on sale discount already), which is kiiiinda incredible if you ask me when they’re already so affordable!

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