New Puppy, Moving, & More

Heyyyy so um yeah. Lots of stuff has been going on.

First off, I got my puppy!!!!!! He is the sweetest thing and I love him so much. He pees everywhere, can’t handle being alone, and chews on rocks, but he’s just so dang cute. He’s really a handful though and I either have to keep an eye on him 100% or have him in my arms. I feel pretty unproductive this week since I’m just caring for him. I feel like I’ve brought home a human baby XD like, did I have a child. I swear it’s just the same, hahah. His name is Pesto :) but he’s received many nicknames within the last week of having him – Pedro, Basil, and Dill. I’m sure the list will grow :p He’s just a little baby 10 week old Italian Greyhound right now. I have been wanting this breed for over a year now. I think it’s so important that a dog’s personality matches yours and yeah, he’s perfect. He’s high strung, scared of almost everything, always cold and wanting a hug, and just loves to sleep with a bunch of blankets. He’s goofy and yeah. I’m excited to have Pesto on this life journey with me from here on. With my business growing, it’s just going to be me and him in the house together for so many hours. :)

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Speaking of being alone in the house… I’m moving to Washington state. I don’t really want to focus on this much, and I wasn’t even going to mention it to anyone, really, but I’m going through the end of a 5.5 year relationship. I just want to skim over that, because it’s still very hard for me to dwell on, but Washington is going to be so good for me… I am just so drawn to the adventure, activity, and change. I really need this and feel like I’m going to grow so much from it. I will move in about 2 months with Pesto and um yeah. The drive literally across the country (Georgia to Washington) is going to suck haha – it’ll be 4-5 days of driving. Hmmmm, that’s about all. Just letting you know. If I seem kind of detached or distant… that’s why. So much is happening. I’m sad, eager, overwhelmed, all at once. Currently moving into my mom’s house for a few months before I move to Washington. So that’s what’s happening.

Love ya’ll. I’ll get back into the swing of everything very soon, I promise.

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  1. DanielleNo Gravatar says:

    Where to in Washington!?! I’ve still pretty new to the state, just about a year, but it’s a great state! It’s offered so much for me! It definitely helped reignite my fitness lifestyle!
    This scenery will be great for a fresh start!

    • KimNo Gravatar says:

      Do you know where Kennewick is!? The tri cities? It’s super east and hot and dry hahah. It was 113 F when I visited ._. Where are you located? :DD I am so excited for the change.

      • DanielleNo Gravatar says:

        Yeah, it’s been a hot one this summer! And I’m in Lakewood, about 4 hours west of where you’ll be. I drove through that area when moving up last year. I’ve wanted to go back to that part of Washington and sight see!

      • kelli brooksNo Gravatar says:

        I’ve followed you forever! I live in kennewick! I can show you around or answer questions. Just email me if you need anything!

        • KimNo Gravatar says:

          No wayyyy! That would be fantastic. :) I will be arriving arrounndddd August 22, but not certain. I’m sure September and October I will be adjusting and would love to go see things! When I went on vacation last month, that’s where I went heheh.

          • kelli brooksNo Gravatar says:

            I totally do! And yes, get settled, then email me. I’d love to meet you. :) I work at the hospital in pasco, my husband works at the Kennewick one. We’ve been here about 10 years! I can even show you around all the good gyms :).

          • KimNo Gravatar says:

            Aw okay thank you! Will do for sure. I visited the tri cities court club and was pretty amazed! Can’t imagine what else there is that’s as awesome!

  2. sarahNo Gravatar says:

    Well Heck. You just named that dog perfectly ( my nick name contribution – oregano. I’m British and the pronunciation has an emphasis on the A – oregAno ). He is gorgeous and he could not be any luckier than to have you as a mommy!

    Great things are ahead of you Kim, and keep that chin up <3.

  3. Ashley SNo Gravatar says:

    I have an almost 4 yr old italian greyhound named Tex. :) Sweetest dogs in the whole world. Be sure so socialize him very very well so he isn’t scared of everything. That’s very important with this breed. If you have any questions about him feel free to hollar. Congrats, he is beautiful!

      • Ashley SNo Gravatar says:

        I forgot to mention that I have him litter box trained. YES! Makes life soooo much easier! Good luck with your move!

        • KimNo Gravatar says:

          Oooh I heard of that with IGs!! Was wondering if I should do that or do normal outside training. Does it get smelly/messy?

  4. NinaNo Gravatar says:

    How come I’ve only come across your blog now?? Anyway, I’m glad I have. Pesto looks super adorable and I’m sure he’ll be a fine companion for your adventures. :)

    • KimNo Gravatar says:

      Aw thank you!! :) He’s super high strung right now but hoping he calms down when he’s not such an inquisitive puppy, ha. He’s sweet :)

  5. Ashley SNo Gravatar says:

    Not smelly or messy at all. We use feline pine litter which absorbs all the liquid and smells really good. :)

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