2017 Expectations

Happy 2017!! If you’re a long-time reader of the blog, you know that I like to reflect with each new year. More so, I like to detail things I’m looking forward to in the new year, as a way to muster excitement rather than a pessimistic “same ol’ same ol'” mindset. If you’d like to check out past years, I listed 14 things in 2014, 15 things in 2015, and 16 very unpredictable things in 2016.

This year, I have to admit…It’s really hard to list 17 things for 2017. Do you know how many things that is?! It’s a lot of things. Putting aside the length of it, I just really truly don’t know what to predict. And for once, it’s kind of exciting to simply not know. The fun will be in finding out. Yes, there are the normal events like AWA…concerts…etc…but in terms of major life events? Who knowwssss.

Since I’m not up for the challenge of 17 things this year, I’d like to mostly reflect on my “16 things” from last year – how things truly went, if things went differently, as expected, etc. Just to give a little update. Here’s to hoping 2017 is this great and more.

In 2016, I was looking forward to…

  1. Opening my Etsy shop and exploring other forms of creativity
    • So I DID open the shop! And I made a handful of phone cases. Sold 1 or 2, nothing crazy. But I had a ton of fun and it kept my mind at ease for a while. I actually pulled out my materials to make a new case for my new phone the other day. I think I’ll mostly stick to personal crafts rather than sales. But it was a great coping mechanism while I figured out life at the beginning of the year.
  2. My 25th birthday!! Official “adult” point in my opinion. Ew.
    • Yeah that happened. It’s still ew.
  3. Joining a local cycling group & learning more about the sport & meeting cyclists!
    • This was one of the best things to happen all year! I was scared AF to just step into a shop, but the people ended up being some of my closest friends. You get to know people really fast when you’re right by their side at least an hour for 3-4 times a week, haha. Such a great hobby and I’m glad I finally picked it up after being hesitant for so long.
  4. Living 100% authentically and rediscovering myself
    • :DDD feels good man
  5. Going to cons! (anime/video game conventions – maybe getting back into cosplaying)
    • Sadly, no cosplays. Just not my focus of where to put my time and efforts. But I definitely went to cons – some of my best memories this year. Momocon, Seishuncon, AWA… Reconciled with some friends. Made new friends. Fun in general.
  6. Cutting my hair real short & putting blue/purple back in it.
    • Felt reborn with the haircut :) such a good decision. But I never did do color. I went all natural all year because shiny. But I still have it in the back of my mind to do blue/purple tips if the mood strikes!
  7. Pesto’s 1st birthday! We’re gonna have a big doggy bash :3
    • Baby boyyyyy. He’s almost 2 now! Wild.
  8. Expanding Beechie’s Bakehouse product line & growing/learning as a business in general
    • So. This went a totally different direction. Will discuss in another bullet, but I ended up back at the CDC again and sadly I had to close the business since I didn’t have the time for it. At all.
  9. Reading 30 books from my 2016 book list
    • Heh…didn’t happen. But I was going strong at the beginning of the year! Once I started working M-F again though, the speed reading through my list rapidly declined. Overall though the habit to read more has stuck with me so I’d say it was a success. And got me through the rough first months of the year.
  10. Going to a concert. Not sure which yet, but I’m determined to go since it’s been years.
    • I don’t remember, did I??? I know I planned to go to Of Montreal, but something else came up. I don’t think I ever did… But I have two planned for the beginning of this year already.
  11. Maybe another cookbook??
    • Meh. Been there done that. It’s a lot of work I’m not ready to put in again quite yet. Instead, I’ve done more freelance work. So rather than creating recipes and selling a compilation cookbook, I’m selling work/recipes directly to companies. I like this a lot better because I don’t have to deal with the marketing side of things.
  12. Maybe working in a lab again?? (trying out a private company would be awesome- particularly interested in food science rather than analytical chemistry which my last job was primarily)
    • I’m in a lab!! Once I felt comfortable with my health being okay again, I started to apply to private companies. I asked my old boss at the CDC if he knew of any jobs in the nutrition branch. He tried, but sadly there were none. But! I am in a group similar to before, but different and more amazing and I absolutely love my job and my coworkers. They’ve been a huge component of 2016 becoming great towards the end half.
  13. Getting better at vlogging & video editing!!! I want to get a Canon Powershot G7 or Powershot N2
    • YES! I haven’t felt the vlogging cameras were necessary enough, but I really did amp up my photography skills. Purchased a new lens for my DSLR, lots of lighting gear, and accessories. It’s been fantastic and brought a lot of opportunities.
  14. Travelling somewhere. Not sure where yet but I will this year. Top picks: New York City, any beach, Austin, Colorado.
    • Ha, this is funny to read. I did go to NYC! I had the opportunity to go again for Thanksgiving, but I passed it up. Next year though, I have very concrete plans to go to Austin/Dallas. Funny enough, my dad randomly moved there! So even more of an excuse. Colorado is still high up on my list. I also intend to visit San Francisco in 2017 because I have a handful of friends out there.
  15. Learning more about veganism and continuing to feel great & healthy!!
    • Yep!
  16. Seeing the movie Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass. Is that weird? I’m really really really excited.
    • By the time the movie came out, I was kind of over it and couldn’t care enough to see it in theaters haha. But I did watch it at home, after the fact. Underwhelming…but you can’t win them all I guess.


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