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I have this habit where I seem to only write blog posts when I’m sad or come to realize something new. Buuut a lot of exciting changes have happened that I feel should be expressed!

This weekend, Jesse and I moved! Woooo. Where to? 15 minutes away lol. The move isn’t very far. We didn’t move for any job or location purposes; we really just needed a bigger place. We were living in an apartment with extremely loud upstairs neighbors. Their dogs were absurdly loud and somehow 2 average-sized people sounded like 5 passive aggressive yeti monsters stomping around their apartment every day. We also slowly collected so. many. things….that I felt trapped and cramped in the apartment. It was dark and somewhat miserable. Soo we are now renting a home!

The home has 3 bedrooms and SO much space, especially for storage. There is a tremendous amount of light from windows and I love it. We will have a bedroom, an office, and “the giraffe room.” I’m mostly excited for the giraffe room, which will be my little sanctuary/guest bedroom. I have…a crazy amount of giraffe thingsss that will be allocated to this room, ha. Stuffed animals, a 6.5 foot wooden statue, a lesser-statue of 3 feet, a bronze statue, a mantle ornament, and countless other items. It. will. be. great. The office is also exciting; in the apartment, we didn’t have much space to fit a desk. So Jesse had his desktop computer…and I did not. I have a Windows Surface with no real space to prop up, except for my bed. I’m all for laying lazily in a bed with a computer :p but.. When you need to answer emails, do business-y stuff, etc, it’s extremely inconvenient. So we are going to fit a bigger desk and set up a desktop for me to use as well. Yeee. I wish I could bring you in and show you everything!!

The neighbors are also soo nice. When we first saw the place, I noticed they have a chicken coop. When we met them, one of the first things they said was, “if you need anything, let us know! We have extra eggs!” and I nearly peed myself with excitement. I like them.

The town is nice too. It reminds me of the town I grew up in. Close to the city, yet quiet and far away enough to not feel the effects like traffic from the city. It’s small and calm.

During the winter, I wrote about uncertainty of the future and continuous day-to-day sadness. I do have a pattern of hating New Years Day and being sad around it, but these feelings lasted through the winter months… It worried me for a while, given my past issues with depression years ago. With the new home though, I feel polar opposite. I do fear the future still. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m okay with it and it doesn’t stress me out daily. I always had a vision of how my life would be; I imagined going to school, working some jobs, and eventually working up to a position at the CDC (my dream job). Well I ended up at the CDC much sooner than expected…3 weeks after graduating school. And currently, I’m not too certain that I want to be here forever like I imagined. I have a sort of “k well….now what….” feeling. I don’t want to get a higher degree, yet it’s almost essential here if I expect to be taken seriously. Advancing positions is a lot more difficult without a higher degree. While everyone expects me to “achieve greatness” by getting a PhD, it’s not what I want… Thinking about going to grad school depresses me. I’ve come to accept this; I know that I need to do what makes me happiest rather than live through other people’s vision of me.  I don’t know what I intend to do instead, and that’s okay. I just know that right now in this moment, I am happy.

I’ve considered the route of food/nutrition, but right now I don’t know where that would come in. I just know that during work all day I’m thinking about food, baking, creations… I’ve always been a creative person and I need some sort of outlet for it; my current position doesn’t allow for this creativity to flourish. It’s funny because in high school I always said to myself “my plan B is to own a bakery” but I was mostly joking. Before I got healthy and changed my lifestyle, I loved to bake cupcakes. So I’d say “I’ll just do that for a living.” But now, it seems like my plan B is becoming more like plan A. I dunnoooooooo. But I’m excited to see how this less predictable life turns out. Just enjoying where I am now and not worrying so much.

In some sort of effort to escape work for a bit and just relax and take time for myself, I’m taking a vacation to Los Angeles with Jesse in October! I have always wanted to go and do touristy things there. I also have a few friends I want to visit, probably some Instagram friends too! Also, Jesse has never been on an airplane and I want him to experience that :) It will be real nice to go on the trip together. If anyone has suggestions on what to see/eat/do there, let me know! We will be there for 6 days so we have plenty of time to explore.

Anyways, I’ve got to finish unpacking a lot of stuff still. I hate having boxes upon boxes upon boxes scattered throughout the house. Mostly just because it feels so disorganized, and I can’t keep anything straight. Can’t wait until we’re all settled in and box-less within about a week or so.

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  1. SarahNo Gravatar says:

    Okay I have a few things to say:
    I want to see photos of said giraffe room when it’s done!! Ooh my goodness, it sounds so fun! Those statues. I didn’t realize how extensive the collection was.
    I’m so happy to hear that things are looking up. We don’t talk as much as me used to, and we should change that.
    Uhhhhh you could TOTALLY open a healthy bakery! You could always start online and eventually open up a shop. Shoot, I’ll be a taste tester, heeeeey

    • KimNo Gravatar says:

      Hahaha okay deal!! Once it’s set up I’ll let you take the magical safari getaway. :D

      I agree Sarah!

      Awww thanks :) I’ll keep that in mind ^-^

  2. EmilyNo Gravatar says:

    Love your posts, Kim! Whatever you end up doing with your career/degree I’m sure will be the right choice. I’ve also thought about doing something with nutrition or food but to be honest if I thought about food any more than I do right now I’d go crazy haha. Anyway, keep sharing and congrats on the house! That’s a huge step :)

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