L.hAyyyyyy! Trip 2014

IMG_5394I’m not sure if I mentioned this on my blog, but the gap in blog posts last week was becauseeeee… Jesse and I went on vacation!! We went to LA for a week and had SO much fun. We both needed to just get away for a while. Actually, I needed the escape in May. But we needed to save up for a bit, so we planned the trip in October. I’ve always wanted to see LA, and Jesse had no preference, so OFF TO LA WE WENT!!

It was incredible!! We packed in SO much, but we went with almost no plans! I just made a list of places I wanted to see & eat. Every morning we had a ritual of getting coffee at a new coffee shop. We stayed in Koreatown on the outskirts of downtown, and walking ANYWHERE was so easy. We had literally countless of coffeeshops within just a 2 block radius, so we were never short of new coffee shops. Anyways, every morning we’d plan our day over coffee. It was so relaxed & pleasant.

The week involved a lot of FOOD!! :D I try to enjoy myself on vacation since I feel that food is a huge part of a region’s culture. We did have unhealthy meals, but I found that my body naturally craved salads/acai bowls every other meal. I also had protein oatmeal in the hotel room every morning. It was nice to enjoy myself; between the walking and staying active, I had absolutely no weightgain or weightloss during the trip, hollaaaa. Enjoying yourself is possible. That was the longest I’d gone without a gym workout, although we did do things like hiking.

I will spare you the long blog post of recapping EVERYTHING, but I can list things we saw

  • Hollywood (super touristy things like the Hollywood Stars)
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Runyon Canyon + hiking
  • Huntington Beach & Boardwalk
  • Long Beach
  • Venice Beach & Muscle Beach & Abbot Kinney street shops
  • UCLA campus
  • My friend who moved to LA two years ago!
  • The Grove & farmer’s market
  • Quest Nutrition offices & Clark
  • North Hollywood Arts District

And more importantly, the FOOD!

  • Scoops Westside Ice Cream – Hazelnut Irish cream & Chocolate Guinness ice creams. Maple brownie & Sweet potato burnt sugar ice creams. Maple Ricotta Toffee ice cream. Red velvet oreo ice cream.
  • The Grilled Cheese Truck – Goat Cheese Melt on Nine-Grain Bread: Herbed Goat Cheese with Roasted Butternut Squash, Cranberry-Pear Relish, Spiced Pecans, and Applewood Bacon. Cheesycake Melt on Oreo Bread: Cheesecake, Raspberry Preserves, and Oreo Cookies.
  • Milk on Beverly – Chicken salad + curried zucchini soup. Blue velvet cake + blueberries inside.
  • Lemonade – Miso chicken with a ginger pineapple sauce, date + Brussel salad, Mexican butternut squash dish.
  • Afters Ice Cream –  Milky bun aka donut bun filled with Cookie Monster ice cream (vanilla ice cream + oreos + famous aloud cookies) and topped with frosted flakes
  • The Village Idiot – Roasted kabocha soup!! (kind of a let down though)
  • Korean BBQ @ Genwa
  • Iroha Sushi of Tokyo – Sushi Pizza 1000: spicy tuna and shiso on top of crispy rice with special miso paste. Pumpkin vegetable roll: Kabocha on top, asparagus, mango, eggplant, tomato inside.
  • In-n-Out! – Burger & fries animal style
  • Document Coffee – Matcha latte
  • Café Gratitude (all raw vegan) – Raw lasagna: squash blossoms, heirloom tomato, cilantro pumpkin seed pesto, fresh corn, summer squash noodles, cashew queso fresco, salsa verde, raw cacao mole, Brazil nut parmesan. Side of coconut “bacon” bc coconut.
  • Awesome Coffee – Waffogato
  • Ubatuba – Acai Bowls!!! (We ate here 4-5 times. So good.)
  • Iota Café – Hot Sweet Potato Latte. Mochi waffle. Ramen kimchi burger: kimchi, bacon, onion, tomato, cabbage, lettuce, fried egg, and cheddar cheese.
  • Tom n Toms Coffee – Iced Taro Latte

Other foods unseen: omelettes, salads, and heaps of quest bars!! Hahaha.

Overall, the trip was amazing. I miss it already. Warm weather, unique culture, huge area, and BEACHES. If it weren’t for the extremely high rent prices and horrendous traffic, we’d be making plans to live there by yesterday already.

Check out the video of all the footage we gathered!

Aaaandddd…. Photo dump begins!!

IMG_5708 IMG_5682 IMG_5669 IMG_5626 IMG_5615 IMG_5567 IMG_5407IMG_5556 IMG_5527 IMG_5526 IMG_5450 IMG_5388 IMG_5374 figs IMG_5331 IMG_5336IMG_5318 milkybun Rawvegan IMG_5227 IMG_5154

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