Krush Bars Reviews (Krave Bar)

Recently, Krush Protein Bars released the new Mint Chocolate Chip flavor! I was given the opportunity to try this new flavor to review! Additionally, I have tried the birthday cake, banana nut chocolate chip, chocolate brownie, and raw cookie dough flavors. Krush protein bars (previously known as Krave) are all natural protein bars. There’s no added sugar, they are low carb, and they are gluten free! (For this reason, they often get compared to quest bars; however, I’d say they are quite different flavor/texture wise. They have unique flavors that quest doesn’t have. BOTH bars are very good though and I don’t think they can be compared.)

All of the Krush bars are SOO soft! It’s amazing and I love it! You don’t need to microwave them at all to soften them. The flavors vary though, and I had different opinions on these bars depending on the flavors I have tried…

Mint Chocolate Chip (Newest!) – This left me speechless! I didn’t think a bar could top the birthday cake flavor, but it’s a tough call!! It is aaaamazing. If you’ve had the cellucor flavor of mint chocolate chip protein, it tastes comparable to that!! Perfectly minty and not too much of one flavor over the other. I am so shocked I like this since I was never a big fan of mint chocolate flavors. But it’s heavenly and so so soft.

Birthday Cake – This flavor is SOOOO good!! I actually love this a lot!! The flavor isn’t like a funfetti type of cake, but definitely a sweet vanilla cake. Very familiar and yummy.

Banana Nut Chocolate Chip – This is another great flavor!! It’s funny because banana or chocolate aren’t my favorite flavors in general, and I wouldn’t choose this flavor on my own. I heard good reviews about this flavor, so I thought I’d give it a shot. And it did NOT disappoint. It’s great! And again, the bar is so soft!

Chocolate Brownie – They no longer sell this flavor, and for good reason. It tasted like pure chemicals to me and I couldn’t even finish it. Even though it was soft, it tasted bad.

Raw Cookie Dough – I was not impressed by this flavor either. Again, it tasted like chemicals. I still finished it though. Perhaps they have changed the formula now but I don’t know.

My Overall Ranking of the flavors:

1. Mint Chocolate Chip

2. Birthday Cake

3. Banana Nut Chocolate Chip

4. Raw Cookie Dough

5. Chocolate Brownie

Bars I have yet to try that are available to buy: Apple Pie, French Toast, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch.

Although the first two flavors I tried (cookie dough and brownie) weren’t that great, the rest really redeemed themselves! I would definiteeeely recommend these two flavors to purchase! Krush bars are a great option as an all natural, healthy protein bar :)

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