Hey hey, 2015

New Years is my least favorite holiday and it always makes me cry, as it symbolizes change. I have a horrendous time accepting change, so I have learned not to look back on the year. Instead, I try to look forward in anticipation. I look for specific exciting events in the year to come and get hyped thinking about them. I learned this last year in my post, 2014 Real Talk. It was really cathartic for me to write that post specifically. I felt pretty lost in life and just down in general. Not really knowing what to look forward to, I listed 14 things I was excited for in 2014! It was great to cross things off as they happened. SOOO I’m going to do that again for 2015!! 15 things this time, of course :)

Overall, going into 2015, I am finally learning to stop living by what people expect of you. Or what you THINK they expect you to do. Instead, I’m just living by what calls me. What pulls me. What tugs at my heart. I have always been one to choose a destination based on people’s expectations, then grudgingly trudge there. But this year, I am pleasantly striding to some unknown destination, mapped by my passions. And that makes me so so happy. Most of you all know my current career, but if not, I’ll remind you. I got a degree in Biochemistry at Georgia Tech in May 2013. I knew since I was 16 exactly what I wanted to do: I wanted to work at the CDC and help contribute to public health! Well 3 weeks after graduating, I interviewed at and was hired at the CDC. It was incredible. I couldn’t believe my goal was reached so soon… I was literally bouncing all over when I found out. Fast forward to 1.5 years later, and I’m not so sure that this is where I want to be… It feels really scary to admit that to people. Such a prestigious job…and I’m giving it up eventually? Probably so. Probably in June. It’s just not for me… I am not happy in my job. I didn’t even realize until I looked back at my 2014 post, but I expressed ALL these feelings last year, too. Except I wasn’t ready/brave enough to aim for anything else at that point. This year I am. I am absolutely going to follow my passion. I’m not sure what I want to do exactly, but I know it will involve food and/or nutrition. It’s all I think about when I’m at work. Food ideas, photography, speaking with others, youtube video ideas, blog post ideas, so much stuff… I wish I had more time to dedicate to recipes & everything it is that you all see me do on Instagram & my blog. Whether it’s more ebooks, insightful youtube videos & recipes, anything. That’s what makes me excited to wake up in the morning. I get eager to get off work just so I can come home and work on recipes. 2015 is going to be crazy. There will be a major change this summer, but I have NO clue what’s going to happen.

I feel like the majority of these realizations wouldn’t have been made if it weren’t for my readers & followers constantly encouraging me and supporting my passion. Like little comments & pokes every day to remind me of what I truly love. I love being able to put my creativity to use through recipes & photography. I NEVER considered myself a) creative or b) a writer, yet I absolutely adore writing now. And I find my creativity SHOUTING to come out when I don’t let it. I love being able to interact with and meet so many different and beautiful people. And I love just being accepted & appreciated as myself, nothing else. I get to be goofy with ya’ll. From the deepest of my heart, thank you so so so much for sticking by my side another year. Thanks for being there through everything. It will forever warm my heart. I hope you stick with me long enough to see 2016.

So anyways, here’s my list! Once again, I’d love to see/hear yours! Happy 2015!!

1. Arnold Expo 2015

2. Olympia Expo 2015

3. Moving back to my hometown area!

4. My mom’s gym opening (and me being all up in it 24/7)

5. Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015

6. 5th anniversary for Jesse and I

7. Kickstart of my super secret project (ahh announcement date TBD!!)

8. My 24th birthday

9. The day I buy a Canon T3i

10. Going to Sarynna’s wedding!

11. Seeing Seinfeld live with Jesse (although, I’m more excited to see Jesse excited than I am to see Seinfeld)

12. Falling in Reverse’s new album release

13. Vacation somewhere! (not sure where yet – Colorado? NYC? Washington? Portland?)

14. Momocon 2015

15. TV shows! Specifically just Better Call Saul, Walking Dead, and Orange is the New Black

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