I got new eyeglasses!

I got new glasses! Woowoowooooo! Now wait, I know you must be thinking…ok so? People get new glasses all the time. Well, NOT THIS GIRL! I’ve been wearing the same eyeglasses since I was 18 years old… I’m nearly 25 now. That’s 7 years… And it’s not that I don’t realize I need new glasses. D; They’re extremely lose, dirty, and honestly slightly green/moldy on the inside where the metal frame is. Gross, I know. I just am too terrified of getting new ones!

The new glasses of discussion :D

The new glasses of discussion :D

When I was younger, I was always picky when getting new glasses. I’d basically go through the entire store and hate almost all of them. I loved the ones when I was 18, so I figured, why change them? I’ve also just been lazy and not wanting to go to a store and spend $100 or more on glasses I may just sorta maybe like. I’ve heard about buying eyeglasses online, but since I was so picky IN STORE, I was super hesitant to try any from a website I can’t even try on!!! BUT. I saw GlassesShop.com has a feature where you can try their glasses frames on a picture of you.

It helped, but not really honestly. Since you can change the proportions of the glasses on your face, I couldn’t tell if they were the right size that they’d be in real life?? Or if they were too large or too big? Super hesitant. But I figured I’d give it a go anyways because the gist of the image, I really liked! The frame I went with is called “Kimberley” and I chose this purely because it’s my name too ahahaha. So vain. I had it narrowed down to 3 similar style frames, but “Kimberley” just felt so right. They had purple or black but I’ve always loved purple on me, so purple it was!


I love the purple to clear fade!

It took a while to ship (about 3 weeks), but it came! I like that I didn’t get to make any doctor appointment or anything (just needed to know my prescription from them), and the frames were only $29.95!!! Much better than the $100+ frames when I went to the store.

Didn't realize it had inside design until I got them! So cute.

Didn’t realize it had inside design until I got them! So cute.

Sooo…do I love them? I LOVE THEM!! They’re so different from how I look with my old glasses or when I have on contacts. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I think my new bangs go perfect with them! I’m a little obsessed and happy I can wear these instead of contacts all the time haha. I honestly maybe also get some non-prescription eyeglasses to wear with my big circle prescription contact lenses to have the best of both worlds haha. I think the big eyes with the big glasses would be neat. I also like these frames in particular since they kind of hide my under-eye circles. Winnnnn. I can kind of tell that they’re not as sturdy or heavy as my past, more expensive glasses, but they’re durable!

I’ve been telling everyone about where I got these glasses and how affordable they are. Someone asked if they were from Warby Parker (pricey brand), but nope! Just as great though. :) They also have prescription sunglasses if normal eyeglasses aren’t your thing. No harm in checking it out! Glassesshop.com has a 50% discount code: GSHOT50 for 50% off ANYTHING (as long as it isn’t on sale discount already). The discount makes it kinda unbelievable.


Do you like these on me?? Some people have said I look SO different, but some people haven’t said a word so I assume they either haven’t noticed or just don’t care?? Hah. I don’t know, but I’m super glad to find new glasses that I love finally. I feel like a whooole new person and it’s awesome. :)

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  1. CassieNo Gravatar says:

    I still haven’t gotten a new pair of glasses either! Your new glasses look amazing on you! :) They complement your face so well!

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