Easy Vegan Waffles (gluten free, oil free)

It doesn’t have to be waffle Wednesday to enjoy these easy vegan waffles! Magically, these healthy waffles only require 3-4 ingredients. They are also sugar free, gluten free, and oil free. Enjoy them for a quick, sweet breakfast without the hassle of mixing a lot of ingredients!

After racking my brain for months on how to make vegan waffles, the answer was stupid easy… I kept trying to complicate things by adding a lot of extra ingredients like mashed banana, pumpkin, flax seeds, coconut flour, you name it. But it turns out that for best results, keep it simple! So happy this recipe only calls for 4 ingredients (technically 3 if you use water instead of almond milk)  because it just makes life so much easier.

My problem started when I decided to be difficult and not follow any of the vegan waffle recipes I found online. I just really disliked every recipe I found because they all call for either 1) a crap load of coconut oil or 2) a crap load of maple syrup (or other syrup). I just…I’m not for that. And that made things hard. Nobody’s fault but my own really, but ALAS! I have solved my problem. Yeah so it may have taken me 6 months to figure it out…but I did it! Look at me now.

Another trick I learned besides simplicity, is you have to be patient. Let the waffle cook a long time! I thought that these would be like any other waffle where, once it takes a waffle shape on the exterior, it’s good to go. No no. Not true this time. With vegan waffles, the longer you let it cook, the better. Often times the exterior would be crisp, but the insides just wouldn’t hold together! So essentially you get stuck with two “half waffles” on either side of the waffle maker. UGhhhhhh… You know that feeling. But I find that you just have to trust that they need to continue cooking. Even if you think the exterior will burn, it won’t. Look it cook wayyyyy longer than you think. Eventually, you will have a nice, firm, waffle (or waffle sticks, in my case). That perfect texture of a moist, warm center with a crisp, firm exterior. Waffle goals.

For my waffles, I usually use a standard Belgian waffle maker. But today I just decided on a whim to make sticks because I can be spontaneous, I swear #denial. I made cinnamon protein waffle sticks (aka fun sticks) topped with dairy free vanilla yogurt, tiramisu nut butter, and chocolate peanut butter squarebars. Perfection.

That brings me to a good debate. I feel like everyone has a preference of their waffle shape. There’s Belgian waffles, square waffles, and waffle sticks. I think that’s it? Correct me if I’m wrong. Anyways, out of those three varieties, which do you prefer!? I feel like everyone has a type and stands firmly behind their stance; I’d looove to know what your type is.  Try these perfectly easy vegan waffles and tell me which waffle “shape” you love best!

easy vegan waffles

Easy Vegan Waffles

Serves: 1

  • 1/2 cup ground up oats
  • 1/2 serving (15 g) vanilla Nuzest pea protein
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • almond milk to thin (or water)
  • cinnamon (Optional)
  • stevia (Optional)

Mix all of your ingredients in a small bowl. When you add the almond milk, add it last to the bowl, and add it slowly so that you don’t make the batter too runny. Start with 1 TBSP at a time and work your way up. Add the batter to a waffle maker sprayed with nonstick spray, and press! Cook for a while until very crisp! It is probably going to take longer than you think, so be patient! Remove from the waffle maker and enjoy with preferred toppings.

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