Discount Codes

A couple of these codes do benefit me, like shopping off of with this link (there is zero charge to you). I really appreciate that because it helps me buy ingredients & materials to keep doing what I do on this blog! But a lot of these codes have zero benefit/commission for me, they’re just a handy discount code that you can use if you’re already interested in trying some of these products! Shop away!


Square Organics – Use code PBEECHIE for 20% off!

Nuzest – 15% off right here! – Use code GIK407 for $10 dollars off your first order!

Cellucor – 10% off every order with code PBEECHIE at checkout!

Pure Genius brownies/blondies – 15% off your order with code PBEECHIE

Cocoa Bar In a Jar – Use code PBEECHIE10 for 10% off!

Dollop Gourmet frosting – 15% off items with code PBEECHIE15