Diet Bet!!

I’m hosting a 4-week challenge/game called Diet Bet!! The concept is you bet $25 to join the group with me. By betting, you’re betting that you’ll successfully lose 4% of your body weight in the 4 weeks. If you succeed, you split the pot of everyone in the group that bet! If you don’t succeed, you lose your money (everyone else splits the pot) and that sucks so DON’T FAIL!! It’s a GREATTT incentive to finally achieve whatever fitness goal you have.

It’s been hosted by several people such as Shaun T., Jillian Michaels, Cassey Ho, and tons of Biggest Loser contestants!! I am now hosting my own game for my followers and readers. :)

After breaking my foot in January, I unnnnfortunately gained weight since I went from being very active to have to rest for over 10 weeks. So I’m ready to get fit again, and I’d love if you joined me & everyone else in this challenge!!

Our group will provide the motivation and accountability needed to succeed! Hopefully we can connect over our common goal and bring us closer. This is also great for the competitive type of person! The money is just a perk. :)

As a little extra incentive from my end, I will be giving away 2 lbs of Cellucor whey protein (my faveeeee brand) to an outstanding player that participates!!

Check out the link to join the challenge with me. :) CLICKY HERE

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