Dairy Free Halo Top [REVIEW]

Halo Top recently launched 7 NEW dairy free halo top pint flavors to add to their already current 7 dairy free flavors!! With the flavor options up to 14 now, I decided to review the 7 new dairy free flavors! I am beyond excited about this launch, and I can’t wait to see what Halo Top has in store in the future! I remember enjoying Halo Top’s dairy flavors and helping them grow as a small business before I was vegan (3+ years ago), and my heart always yearned for them after becoming vegan . Seeing a company recognize their audience’s desires for dairy free products and providing that seriously says a lot about the company; Halo Top has a big place in my heart.

I pride myself in providing superfluous, detailed reviews, so I hope this helps you make a decision of which flavors to try! If you want me to retroactively review the original 7 dairy free flavors, let me know! Conclusion from this review: EVERY dairy free flavor is great except you could skip birthday cake and cinnamon roll.

PANCAKES AND WAFFLES – This one initially didnt rank high on my excite-o-meter but wow…..I have a strong feeling this is going to replace my addiction to sea salt caramel and caramel macchiato. The maple swirl is WOWOW and I love that the “waffle” mix-ins aren’t hard and crunchy, they’re just soft and melt. Kinda reminds me of snickerdoodle cookie dough? Love. The future is vegan with food this good.

CANDY BAR – To be honest, I wasn’t initially eager about trying this one. Everyone always said “oh its like a snickers! A snickers! Its chocolate with peanuts!” and I’m like okay cool? So basically like the peanut butter cup flavor but not? Well WHAT EVERYONE FAILED TO MENTION. IS. Theres also a CHOCOLATE and a CARAMEL SWIRL??? Why didn’t yall tell me that!!! This flavor is absolutely great and I love how dynamic it is. I hope you can see all the aspects in the pic. The base is like a soft nougat flavor/texture, almost like the inside of a 3 Musketeers. Then you’ve got the peanuts, caramel swirl, and chocolate swirl of a Snickers. The candiest bars of all candy bars.

VANILLA MAPLE – I like this flavor?? I assumed it would be the most boring and you’d easily taste the earthy vegan protein, but I was wrong. This is sweet and creamy (takes a couple more mins than some flavors to thaw, but becomes creamy). I don’t taste maple, but my boyfriend does. To me, this tastes like a pleasant vanilla beannnn cream. There’s something so right about a classic vanilla bean ice cream. I prefer this well over the dairy free bday cake flavor and I’ll be buying this flavor again when I’m needing a creamy classic fix! would be great on oatmeal/10

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH – This flavor does not disappoint when it comes to mix ins. It’s always upsetting if you’re left hunting for mix-ins, but this flavor has cookie dough a plenty!!! Always some dough in site and it is so delicious. I thought I’d hate the chocolate chips bc crunch in ice cream is gross imoooo…but these chips are teeny and not crunchy; too good. I can’t quite pin the flavor of the base cream (this one is so smooth in texture!)….the color makes me expect chocolate but I don’t taste any at all – it’s just neutral? I supposeeee I must have another; for science.

CHOCOLATE ALMOND CRUNCH – I read pretty bad reviews of this but I actually like it. I dont get any chocolate taste; that’s fine. The base is a creamyyy almond extract flavor (love) and theres bits of almonds throughout. I thought I’d hate crunchies inside but theyre the perfect small size and texture. I can see how many people wouldnt be a fan of the almond extract flavor, but I personally love it and this flavor. Just call it ‘almond 2 tha maxXx’ instead.

TOASTED COCONUT – This is one of those products where you sit back and go “wait…this is vegan? This is rather enjoyable. How is that possible.” I wasn’t expecting the creaminess of this since many coconut ice creams are icy. The flavor is SPOT ON toasted coconut. Not coconut. Toasted coconut. Only thing about this is I’m not always in the mood for the texture since the coconut shreds are heavyyyy present. But then other times I’m like yes gimeeee all them shreds. Iono just an observation that may change if you’ll like it or not.

BIRTHDAY CAKE – I’m just not a fan of this. I tried multiple pints, hoping it would grow on me, but it just doesn’t. The flavor is artificial and the texture isn’t anything spectacular. Maybe I’m trying to directly compare this to the dairy version I remember having many years back? It pales in comparison, and just doesn’t satisfy the craving I’m expecting. I can taste the protein undertones in this, which is never great.

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