Spreading Love Where Needed

This is very different than any other post I’ve written, but I want to just spread some love towards some awesome crowd funding projects I’ve had my eyes on lately. Especially right now where it seems like world love is dwindling and hopelessness increases. Check out these projects I support, maybe you’ll find something you’re interested as well. And then let me know of any fundraising you are supporting right now so I can check it out as well!!

  1. Fellow runners will appreciate this! Help empower women around the world by donating to Team 261 Fearless, a women’s running charity that my friend Kaila is fundraising for this month! [HERE]
  2. Empower refugees through work exchange opportunities & community engagement. Karavan is smartphone & web application designed to empower refugees and provide a platform to facilitate interactions and exchanges between refugees and residents around the world. BONUS ASPECT if you donate $25 you get a sweet “Nasty Women & Bad Hombres” long sleeve which is really cool to me hahah. [HERE]
  3. Help expand the product line of a company I personally enjoy, and you might already, too!! Health Warrior is developing a new Mexican Chocolate Chia Bar created for the Tarahumara of Mexico and Operation Farm & Run. Really impressive work by a natural foods startup company. [HERE]
  4. As a cyclist, this project to create a unique journal really excites me. My Bicycle Trips offers a new, yet classic, way to write down every moment you spend while out riding your road bike. Some things are best remembered forever! You can write down anything from what you ate beforehand, how you felt during the ride, who you were with, the weather, hydration level, etc. It’s a true training journal meets special moments memory log. I want. [HERE]
  5. Help decrease animal fur consumption by supporting CanFur, a project aimed to provide easy access to quality, affordable faux fur in Canada. Faux Fur is hard to find in Canada; it’s expensive and the quality is often dodgy. Although I don’t live in Canada, as a cosplayer and just a female that enjoys fashion, I understand the struggle of finding faux fur. So any means to make that easier, I support! [HERE]
  6. This one I’m a little iffy about, but if coMra Palm truly does relieve pain through self treatments on the go, I’m all for it! I struggle with fibromyalgia, and sometimes I wind up in public situations where the pain just becomes overwhelming and unbearable. Having a device like this would be heaven-sent. I question the effectiveness of it, but the concept I support. [HERE]

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