An Ode to Kabocha Squash

I have a (not so) secret addiction to kabocha squash. I first heard of this squash from other healthy living bloggers when I started to eat healthy. I didn’t understand why people raved about it, so I found some and tried it. I… hated it. It was awful. I figured they were crazy. Months went by and I kept hearing great things about it so I tried it again. And fell madly in love. The first one was just cooked wrong.

It’s been about a year and a half now and I have kabocha on the daily. The addiciton is real. I am now naturally orange from the beta-carotene in the squash (Free tan hayyyy). I actually legit tried to stop eating it but just can’t do it D; So I embrace it. Pretty much if I don’t post a meal or recipe or something, it’s because I’m eating kabocha with nut butter. Basically. :p

I was daydreaming at work yesterday as I set up SPME vials. And this ode to kabocha squash happened. People always say “idk how you come up with these recipes!” or “how do you think of this food?!” well. It’s because of stuff like this XD My mind never rests. It’s always racing and I always feel like it’s going in overdrive. I’m always thinking about something and, more than likely, 3-5 things at once. Whether it’s aboslutely pointless like this, or actually meaningful. My mind does not discriminate. Kind of a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Anyways. Behold, my ode.


An Ode to Kabocha Squash

With wallet in hand

I head to the store

To find some kabocha

I’ve been needing some more

I walk down the aisles

My eyes open great

To see it’s sold by the pound


A hefty price

I’m willing to pay

As long as it keeps

These cravings at bay

I lug 6 squash home

Put them on the table

They’re ready to chop

As long as I’m able

I grab my large knife

It’s restaurant grade

Without this steel friend

The squash won’t be made

Tossed in cinnamon

And set on a tray

Cubes roast in the oven

At fahrenheit 428

40 minutes go by

You’re ready for me

I see your crisped edges

And then shout with glee

Bright orange flesh

Tinted brown from the oven

With a warm, comfy center

Like french fries I’m lovin

While one could roast sweet potatoes

Butternut or acorn

No other veggie

Tastes quite like you’re born

Perfect with nut butter

Or protein fluff

To stop all consumption

Sure would be tough

My skin has turned orange

From prolonged use

But bring me more squash

My addiction’s profuse.

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