All eyes on…[4]

these vegan oatmeal patties. am intrigued.

these vegan red velvet chocolate chip cookies. what even?!

these banana blondies with a peanut butter icing. so dense.

this thai red curry split pea soup. mmmmm.

this 4-way vegan mozzarella. dead.

this indian tomato dal. take me there.

this sushi rice dip from buzzfeed. sushiiiii.

this garlic pesto zucchini pasta with peas and mint. yes.

this comforting lentil-mushroom ragu. gimme.

these gluten-free chickpea fries with date ketchup. i’m not sure what i want more.

these creamy coconut tomato zucchini koftas. unreal!

these vegan cheese-its (nooch-its!). noooooch.

this is everything I currently have my eyes on. leave any links you’re currently loving, below! ]

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