Journey Into Veganism

My journey into veganism began January 2015, although it took a veryyy long time to fully transition. Almost a full year! Baby steps is always my motto if you want something to “stick.” I am fully vegan as of November 2015 and after.


Around August 2013 I started to notice something “weird” about how I sense things. My skin was oversensitive, but I shrugged it off. Fast forward a year later, things were much worse, I was in constant pain, and a lot of my daily tasks just could not get done. After many many doctors, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and put on 3 different medications. The medications did help initially…but over time the side effects started to negatively impact my life. Night terrors, foggy memory, and the worst was seizure-like episodes of shaking I couldn’t control. I decided to stop taking the medicine and battle the pain. At the same time, I noticed I always craved fruit. At this point (June 2015) I was already a pescetarian because meat vegan to really put me off. I was also trying to eat less dairy because I did notice it made my pain worse. With the addition of the strong constant fruit cravings, I figured I should listen to it and make further changes. I figured if getting rid of dairy helped me, why not try going full vegan and seeing what happens? Sure enough, the more I stuck with it and the more animal products I eliminated in my diet, I felt better and better and better. I also learned about the environmental & ethical reasons to be vegan, and that really solidified my decision.


So far, I have experienced nothing but good results in terms of my health & how I feel. It eliminates about 90% of the fibromyalgia pain and other side effects, and this really makes me feel like I am in control of my life again. My days are decided by the degree in which my fibro decides to flare up that day. I can workout, I can see friends, I can do things. I am very happy with this decision and feel lucky that I found something that makes me feel great; so many people with fibromyalgia go their whole lives without finding any relief. So I feel lucky. Beyond that, I feel my conscious is much lighter in terms of my food decisions and knowing my choices are not costing another animal their happiness or life. Just good vibes all around.

If you want a more detailed explanation, I have a youtube video on this – as well as many other videos regarding tips, recipes, & advice into veganism. It’s a big change, but not impossible by any means. Just involves finding a new “normal” and what you’re used to.