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Hi! I’m Kim, a 20-something-year-old from Atlanta, GA. I have a career in Biochemistry, but more importantly I have a passion for baking, music, horror movies, my friends and family, nerd humor, cosplay, giraffes, and getting crafty. Over the past two years, I’ve come to value to importance of food, fitness, health, and overall happiness. This wasn’t always true about me though.


Growing up, I was never athletic and avoided sports at all costs. I was overweight, causing me to have low self-esteem and self doubt. At age 15, I recorded my calories and decided to swim 3x a week. I lost 10 pounds over the summer and was proud of myself, but I gained it back once school began. I tried again the following summer, except things became a little disordered. I would eat around 800-900 calories and I didn’t realize that it was unhealthy. I lost about 10 pounds, but again, gained it back when school started. As a freshman in college, the bad habits spiraled to phases of starvation. I think I just felt I was “stuck being overweight” unless I did something so drastic. As if I was designed to be that weight forever (I was very wrong).

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Everything changed for the better on September 28, 2011. I remember when everything just “clicked”. I was in such a state of extreme depression & disordered eating, that the low actually created an “a-ha” moment. On that date I realized that weightloss is simple. I thought – ‘I just need to eat at a small calorie deficit, and workout 3 times a week. I’m NOT stuck at ANY weight.’ Before, I had always seen it as point A and point B without thinking a way between the two was possible. But once I looked at it as a slow but steady process, it became far less overwhelming and very realistic.

I slowly made healthier changes to my diet – seriously simple changes like switching to whole wheat pasta, stocking my freezer with frozen veggies, and not eating out so much. I threw myself in the kitchen and slowly made more and more adjustments, learned about macronutrients and ingredients, spices and flavor, and somehow I picked up a love of cooking! My moods improved tremendously and I was having more happy days than sad. I literally could feel a difference in energy just walking down the street, and it was amazing. And as for fitness – the workouts ended up growing into so much more as well. Staying active has become a natural part of me.











Food battles were stiill a struggle to keep under control throughout the process, though. I found myself at one point dealing with orthorexia – I had irrational fears of certan foods that I didn’t consider healthy and I would choose to isolate myself in order to control my foods. I ended up losing too much weight and was severely underweight, causing health issues & hormonal imbalances.

I have seen both sides of the health spectrum, and I now see the importance & true definition of finding balance in your life. Finding balance is the key to health & happiness. Without it, nothing is maintainable.


My journey into veganism began January 2015, although it took a veryyy long time to fully transition. Almost a full year! Baby steps is always my motto if you want something to “stick.” I am fully vegan as of November 2015 and after. To learn more about why I made this decision and my experience since the change, check out my journey into veganism post.

Take care and enjoy,

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